An independent feature film, where a young programmer creates a spy app and accidentally hacks into all the smart phones across New York City, getting in way over his head more than he ever expected. With the ability to now remote view through a person's cell camera, he soon becomes entangled in a web of romance, crime and murder.

The Request

Develop a low budget feature film with a relatable high concept focused on advancement of technology and some of the unintended consequences impacting individual privacy and security.

The Concept

Capitalizing on the explosion in social media and how we interact with each other, create storyline that encompasses current and future aspects of cellphone/smartphone technology targeted at the A18-35.

The Solution

From script creation to completed project within 10 months'PRIVACY', the feature film, is the story of Mark, a tech savvy college student who creates a cutting edge spyware app that allows him to remotely view any cell phone in New York City.

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