Minority Independent Producer Summit, a newly formed non-profit organization focused on increasing the diversity of minority independent producers and content creators in the worlds of film, television and the continued evolution of digital online industries.

The Request

Develop a fully functional interactive website which would serve as an entry portal to various aspects of the organization's functions, mission and objectives as well as serve as a promotional and registration tool for on-going annual and monthly summit events.

The Concept

A fully adaptable portal providing access and communication of various events and future programming. A gateway for audiences and members alike in exploring the many offerings and advocacy efforts underway in advancing the organizations goals.

The Solution

Designed and developed a interactive web portal adaptable to multiple media platforms linked to social media sites. Serves as a gateway for members and audiences for attendance to summit events, screenings, workshops and ongoing education and awareness. Functionality includes registration, subscription services, evolving promotions and advertising as well as platform for continuing advocacy work.

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